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    ►Delivery Time

    6-9 business days paint, 3-5 business days international shipping, you will receive it around 15 business days after ordering.


    All paintings are shipped by DHL,FedEx, TNT,3-5 business days international shipping,

    ►Size Available: {Width x Height}/ picture

    20"x24"(50x60cm) $195
    20"x30"(50x75cm) $238
    24"x32"(61x81cm) $282
    24"x36"(60x90cm) $316
    30"x40"(75x100cm) $328
    36"x48"(90x120cm) $458
    40"x60"(100x150cm) $588
    48"x64"(120x163cm) $642
    48"x72"(120x183cm) $800
    54"x72"(137x183cm) $824
    60"x80"(153x203cm) $938
    86"x100"(219x254cm) $1,620

    Custom order is acceptable, just send us your requested size for quote.

    To protect painting well during international shipping, all paintings are ROLLED IN TUBE(Unframed/Not stretched) and shipped in a quality 
plastic/cardboard tube to avoid damages, it's 100% safe and painting comes back to its original/flat state once you stretch it on a wooden base.
You can decide to frame it or simply stretch it at any of your local framing shop, depends on your taste.