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    Total consists of 3 people who love art. We want to sell the abstract oil paintings created by our team to the people who love abstract art all over the world through website.

    Eva Malvina, the owner/designer/artist of the studio, is mainly responsible for 
    the operation of the website. She is good at designing and drawing Splatter style paintings, most of the Splatter paintings in the store are painted by Eva. 

    Andrew is Eva's brother, who is a genius and professional artist, and is very good at writing Chinese calligraphy in art cells. He loves Chinese martial arts; some other painting styles in our studio are painted by him.

    Michelle, who love art and is good at taking photos. She is mainly responsible for the customer service in the website. All the packing jobs of our paintings are also done by her. She is a very patient and careful girl. 

    Every color, every brushstroke has its own story. What we sell is not only a painting, but also a guide for you to enter the world of art and light up your life.